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Seeing him awake his handsome face broke into a kind smile, dark eyes overflowing with love.“Did you sleep well, my darling? “Have you any idea how much I’ve missed you, Harry? " Stiles asked when he got his voice to work again. After deciding on a couple of sodas, he pays and leaves the store, more than happy to get home before Evan suddenly came up with more things the house couldn’t do without.

But he was pretty clear in the verbal articulation," said the lawyer.

Hadn't always been a whore." Anthony Ryder is a less than ideal candidate for Pathfinder. He doesn't need a whole galaxy at his disposal, just enough of a foothold that he doesn't fall off the edge of the cliff he's scaled.

Well intentioned and willing to learn from his mistakes, he's at least going to make a go at the task his father "gifted" to him. In the light of trials, memories and glimpses through the past years, Draco will help uncover a mystery that has damned his godfather to a fate with the Dementors - unless he finds a way to redeem him despite that all evidences point otherwise.

Born on December 14, 1987, he is 29 years old as of now. At the age of six, his family along with him moved to Baltimore, Maryland. As per his education, it is not known that which school and colleges he went.

Harry Potter will do everything and anything using his name and power to ensure that he rots in Azkaban for it. " The third full-length installment of the Hearts of Darkness AU.

Alex's older half brother, Tom Gaskarth, passed away a while back.

According to a Rocksound interview, Alex was 12 and Tom was 21 when he died. He even has a tattoo on his left hand of a rose dedicated to him, and had the phrase 'rest in peace Tom' in the band's most recent music video (may 2017) Nice2Kno U.

While there have been times where they said the ship is true and kissed off-stage, they aren't actually 'going out'.

All four members of All Time Low are heterosexual and Jalex is just a joke.

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