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(Photo Credit: Getty Images) As previously reported, Angie’s new relationship was a shock to Brad and “caught [him] completely off-guard.” "The idea that another man will be spending time with his kids is absolutely sickening and disheartening," said the insider.

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Phil’s help in getting million that Danny sent her from an offshore bank account in the Cayman Islands. Plus, get exciting updates on former show guests Craig and Dawn!Jesse is portrayed by Darnell Williams and Angie is portrayed by Debbi Morgan.Jesse first appeared in Pine Valley, Pennsylvania in 1981 as the nephew of Dr.Angie’s 20-year-old son, Brandon, says his mother is in deep denial and can’t even see that she’s being scammed. Angie says she has been dating Danny for more than a year, after meeting him on an online dating site. She says she’s sent him money about 30 to 40 times, totaling at least 5,000, after he made up excuses as to why he needed it. Angie’s son, Brandon, says his mom is a “lunatic” who can’t see that she’s being duped — and if his mother continues to carry on the relationship with Danny, he’ll stop talking to her.Is Danny who he says he is, or is Angie being duped by an online imposter or catfish? She says she speaks to him almost every day via Yahoo Messenger and that they’ve spoken on the phone about ten times. “I’ve had to find money from every resource possible — stealing from my brother, my son,” she says. “I’m more than 150 percent positive that this is a scam,” he says.

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