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Nevertheless more complicated modern pieces can fetch £400 to £500.He explains that the colour of the stamp changes with the periods.“Standards were set so high, that in the early days it is said that barrel loads of inferior porcelain was dumped into the Erne River,” according to information shared on About “As Belleek’s reputation spread, it received commissions from Queen Victoria, the Prince of Wales and members of the nobility.When held to the light, it has a somewhat translucent appearance that can be mistaken for milk glass by novice collectors.The distinctively Irish "Shamrock" pattern is definitely the most familiar with antiquers but many other styles were made by this Irish company as well.

On decorated Belleek china they have used two marks, formed of a serpent twisted to represent the letter W, one having the word Belleek above. In the latter year the English mark was used in connection with their initials, Y. The figures in the centre (61) have reference to the date of the establishment of the factory.

After the slow down during World War I and a huge dip in demand, the Belleek factory was sold in 1920 with the stipulation that it must keep producing pottery.

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Like many manufacturers of ceramics such as the Fulper and Alamo potteries, Belleek started out making utilitarian earthenware such as hospital fixtures, floor tiles, and telephone insulators along with items for household use.

By 1863, after a number of failed attempts making fine porcelain, the factory was finally producing Belleek Parian China when recruiting several skilled artisans to get the new lines up and running proved to be fruitful.

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