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The Bible mentions the cross many times, in both literal and figurative terms, as symbolizing the meaning of true Christianity as well as the sacrifices and trials that a true Christian must endure in this life to be true to the faith.What then could anyone possibly find wrong with the sign of the cross?Unable to give my four-year-old daughter any more excuses, I said, "Yes, Daddy did that." Then I locked us in her room and crawled in bed with her until she fell asleep.That night I resolved to stop the impact of domestic abuse in my daughter's life—a difficult decision that finally pointed me in the direction of healing.So reads the chorus to a very popular Christian hymn that churches have sung for many years.The song portrays the cross as the identifying sign of everything for which Christianity stands and around which Christians should rally in their fight against the forces of evil. But if you're talking about kissing people you date, be cautious in how you use this form of affection.Don't throw kisses around - treat them as something valuable to be used with discretion. Under a second or two could be a useful rule, I suppose.

My husband and I claimed to be Christians, so how could our marriage be abusive?Some think the sign of the cross to be effective in warding off evil spirits and for generally protecting believers from harm. After all, Jesus was crucified on a cross, was He not?Have not Christians used the sign of the cross throughout all ages to show to the world their belief in the Savior of mankind?If you put your arm around someone on a date, what are you saying (without using words)? And that's exactly why we have to be careful - because we could be telling lies with our actions.This is a major reason why people get hurt, and why there's heartache.

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