Consolidating files nuendo

Nuendo includes some presets to help accommodate users coming from other DAWs. I am trying to export Nuendo (latest version) to Protools and tried using file format and Protools says it cannot import due to errors in the file.I don't need any fades or mix data, just the audio in place. Not all the audio tracks start at the same place, but I suppose it's a possibility. I think what you should do and it takes second to do it, because your audio track dont start at teh same start point, simply select the track or track that you doesnt start at teh beginning and Choose in Nuendo, under AUDIO menu/Bounce Selection. But i must admit to you that this sucks, having these great DAW and still there is problem on transfering Files btw them.. abit This is a reprint from a Stein site i think........ "Nuendo and Cubase SX Exporting stem files for pro tools [and other programs] There are many ways to move your projects between Nuendo/ Cubase and other programs like Protools they all are very dependant on how you start your session i.e. If one of things is not quite right the transfer could go terribly wrong leaving you red faced in the end.

Then I simply transfer (copy) those files (cuz it's a permanent edit in the pool) to an external folder on the desktop as per song/audio folder. Try it on something you don't mind fukkin' up, just in case. if U check Nuendo help on wave64 and Broadcast Wave it'll say, that different type of info included in the file, and the timecode position is one of them. ) it could be even imported to PT in to exact timecode position automatically. So if you want to know more about this is done read on I will show you how to do make this procedure as painless as possible and also how to get sessions from Protools back into Nuendo or Cubase.The second option is generally the easier way, and can be accomplished by consolidating/exporting/bouncing/rendering each audio and MIDI file separately.Since most applications automatically import file to begin at the start of the session, it is best to consolidate these file to all begin exactly at the beginning of the session.So, for example, if a guitar solo enters at 2 minutes, 23 seconds, 346 milliseconds into a project, consolidating that file will have it begin at “0” and insert 2 minutes, 23 seconds, 346 milliseconds of silence before it.Open your Nuendo session(on a Nuendo system) and consolidate all the audio files so each track is a single continuous file.

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