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The measurements will give you an Expected Date of Delivery (EDD). We will point this out for you to see and take a trace of your baby’s heartbeat.By seeing your baby’s heartbeat at this stage we can give you the following reassurances.A Nuchal Translucency (NT) scan is a screening test that is carried out to assess whether a baby is likely to have Down’s syndrome or other chromosomal abnormalities.The NT scan cannot diagnose whether a baby has Down’s, it only estimates the risk.We also provide highly skilled ultrasound-guided procedures (such as amniocentesis, chorionic villus sampling, saline infusion sonograms and Hy Co Sy/Hy Fo Sy).Our doctors are experienced in counselling for NIPT.

All foetuses will have some fluid; those with Down’s syndrome have an increased amount.

Ultrasound is comprised of sound waves oscillating at frequencies greater than the human hearing range (above approximately 20 k Hz).

At present, the most widely used medical application of ultrasound is for diagnostic imaging, which was pioneered by Karl Dussik in 1942.

She said; 'I wanted to share my congratulations with you all for the launch of the new Clore Art Room.

I was looking forward to joining you all for this particularly special day as part of The Clore Duffield Foundation's 50th Anniversary year.'This partnership with The Clore Duffield Foundation is a significant moment for The Art Room.

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