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From the opening essay, "The Bloomsbury Group Live at the Apollo (Liner Notes from the New Best-Selling Album)" to the title piece that discusses ways in which you might begin a romance with your mother ("In today's fast-moving, transient, rootless society, where people meet and make love and part without ever really touching, the relationship every guy already has with his own mother is too valuable to ignore...") to a parody that features Samuel Beckett as a pilot giving an existential in-flight speech to the passengers, the twenty-five comic essays in this delightful collection are nothing short of brilliant.

Read More Ian Frazier tackles some unusual--and hilarious--topics in this collection of essays, such as the Killion, a number so large that even thinking about it kills people; the real reason for the New York City blackout; what if Samuel Beckett had become an airplane pilot; and what Hitler really wanted from history.

May have minor creasing, writing, stickers and/or residue.

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Through a series of friendly conversations, we came to the conclusion that many nonfiction writers (journalists, historians, biographers, etc.) were also deeply concerned with these and other problems inherent in finding and writing the truth.Through a series of panel discussions, some of the most renowned nonfiction practitioners of our time will engage in open and substantive dialogue on such questions as: The symposium panels have been organized by subject matter--the uses and abuses of narrative nonfiction, the differences in writing philosophies between academic and non--academic historians, the techniques used in writing about such technically complicated subjects as nature and science, the differences in and challenges of researching and writing about ordinary people verses celebrities or those in powerful positions, the ability of fiction to uncover the truth, the uses of humor as a stylistic device for getting at the truth, and a concluding panel that looks to the future of nonfiction writing.As we approach the 21st Century, it has never been more urgent or appropriate to critically evaluate the current status and possible future of nonfiction writing.“A wickedly funny collection.” —The New York Times“Not since Woody Allen's several collections of short stories has there been so delightfully distorted a world view as the one that permeates this little book.” —The Baltimore Sun“A great American writer.” —Jamaica Kincaid, author of Mr. It is the essence of society that concerns Frazier.That he is hilarious is just a bonus.” —People“Bold, challenging humor that works as the inspiration for both laughs and thoughts.” —The Philadelphia Inquirer Ian Frazier is the author of Great Plains, The Fish's Eye, On the Rez, and Travels in Siberia, as well as Family, Lamentations of the Father, and The Cursing Mommy's Book of Days.

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