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We wound up at a campus bar and over tumblers of watered down pink cranberry juice and vodka, he leaned in to tell me a secret.“I’m in SLAA,” he said, explaining that it’s a 12-step program for sex and love addicts.I met Brian through OK Cupid, which is something horrible my married friends talk me into doing every year or so.We met for margaritas at a fancy place near my house and I liked him immediately.Of course, these tips can also benefit couples who are experiencing relationship stress.We will cover topics related to successful co-parenting, creating a healthy blended family, dating, sex, love, passion, supporting your partner, and much more.

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Brian grew up in Seattle and was a production designer for commercials.

Love is the motive for life — the life that exists for you now.

So if you're going to live, do so without avoiding the unavoidable. The origin of love far precedes the DNA of man and will continue to exist beyond his expiration.

Despite your views (good, bad or indifferent) one thing for sure: love is the oxygen that breathes life into your Spirit giving motion to your body. Love is before & after: This for some is easily interpreted. Think about the love for a child in the womb from a mother or for a lost loved-one long after their departure. One might say that love is greater than what we see.

It can be an actual experience that is part of us involuntarily.

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