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Lehrer to bolster their argument that a 1985 surrogate agreement between Mr. Whitehead was invalid on the ground of fraud and could not be enforced. Whitehead's lawyers contend that the phrases in the agreement calling Dr.

The disease was not formally diagnosed until after the fight over the enforceability of the agreement and custody of the 9-month-old baby began last April. Stern testified that she had symptoms of the disease, principally numbness in the right hand and foot, dating from 1972. His observations, he said, were based on her medical files and analyses by other neurologists. Stern's decision to avoid pregnancy if she were his patient and was sure she had the disease.

Briefly, in December 1979, she suffered from a more severe symptom - optic neuritis, an inflammation of the optic nerve that causes blurred vision. Skoloff, contends that the disease has ''rendered'' her infertile. Donaldson, head of a multiple sclerosis clinic at the University of Connecticut, found Dr. He said multiple sclerosis did not cause infertility or prevent pregnancy. Lehrer agreed that the course of the disease was variable and unpredictable.

Kodak made many variations of the 3A FPK, but this particular example is a Model B.

The serial number is stamped onto the front support foot, dating this camera to sometime between September 1903 and February 1904 (later ones have "KODAK" on the foot).

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