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If you are in a commercial property, an apartment complex or have a larger residential property, you may need fire services.

To find out, talk to your builder, plumber or engineer.

[*] You'll be able to customize apps and services to your liking. Selecting the (i) icon will display an option for "Show Notifications". Disconnect and reconnect the i Phone with the vehicle by either turning Bluetooth, a pop up message for "MAP request" may display.

Make sure you check the "Don’t ask again" box and press "OK".

First, make sure the device you are using to control Sonos is connected to the new Wi Fi network and follow the steps here: How to connect Sonos to your new router If you did not install a new router, or the steps outlined in the article above did not help, please continue to the next step.

OK, we admit this one sounds obvious, but in our house we’re constantly quarrelling over chargers or outlets. Make sure the power cord is plugged in firmly and connected to a working power outlet.

You only need to connect if you are moving into a new property.

To connect to SA Water's network, you will need to pay a connection fee.

I know some new car radios are really designed to work with i Pods, but I don’t want to replace mine.can receive a free 3-month trial to the XM All Access package.With this package you'll enjoy over 150 channels in your Nissan, plus over 175 channels on your computer, smartphone, or tablet with Sirius XM Mobile Apps compatible apps, it is possible that the system may capture a conversation between the driver and the passenger while attempting to capture a command.If your TV is older and doesn't support screen mirroring, you can still connect your device using an HDMI cable or Allshare Cast Dongle.View steps on how to connect via HDMI here and more about the Allshare Cast Dongle here.

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