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When they meet again at a restaurant for the first cross family get-together, the two men immediately clash again, to the chagrin not only of their kids, but also Lucia's mom, Sonia (DIANA-MARIA RIVA), and sister, Izzy (ANJELAH N. Things don't get any better when Marcus meets Lucia's ultra-traditional grandmother, Momma Cecilia (LUPE ONTIVEROS), or when his dad and friend T. (CHARLIE MURPHY) think marriage is a bad idea, although his other, married friend (TAYE DIGGS) thinks otherwise.

Brad's longtime friend and lawyer Angela (REGINA KING) wouldn't mind hearing wedding bells either -- for herself -- but Brad has a reputation for going through many younger women.

Whenever Brad and Miguel seem ready to bond, something causes them to flail at each other again. Then Our Family Wedding goes from being abysmal to merely baa-d.

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Like the proceedings in general, Mencia and the inescapably soulful Whitaker are too tamped-down.It's the mecca of motorsport - the racing capital of the world. "I pride myself on adapting well to different styles of cars and racing." "We thought we were going to win one at IRP (LOR) last year, but it didn't work out." Santos continued. 2017 USAC WEST COAST SPRINT CAR WINS: 3-Ryan Bernal, 1-Danny Faria Jr., 1-Kyle Hirst, 1-Austin Liggett, 1-Jake Swanson TULARE USAC WEST COAST SPRINT WINS: 12-Ryan Bernal, 5-Bud Kaeding, 3-Richard Vander Weerd, 2-D. Johnson, 2-Kyle Larson, 2-Craig Stidham, 1-Dean Alexander, 1-Danny Faria Jr., 1-Kyle Hirst, 1-Dennis Howell, 1-Austin Liggett, 1-Matt Mitchell, 1-Peter Murphy, 1-Troy Rutherford, 1-Jake Swanson, 1-Jace Vander Weerd. The track is hosting Armed Forces Night so all veterans and military members get into the races for FREE. Be sure and visit wingless.for the latest stories, news, points, and more regarding the Wingless Sprint Series. I've got all the parts; I just don't have any money left. As hundreds of thousands of mass humanity converge on the Crossroads of America this week, eyes will be affixed on all things racing in the Hoosier state. "I love the track and am always confident to race there." USAC and Track Enterprises have teamed up to present a Superticket for admission to three of its upcoming marquee events - the "Tony Hulman Classic," the "Hoosier Hundred" and the "Carb Night Classic" on May 24-25-26 - leading up to the 101st running of the Indianapolis 500. Also, check out the series on Facebook by visiting “Wingless Sprint Series” or “Northwest Wingless Tour” and clicking “Like”. If we can keep winning before my parts supply runs out, hopefully we can get our bank account built back up and get back to where we were." On the first night back on track, Ballou admits he and crew chief Derrick Bye were a bit behind the curve at the beginning of the night, but each time they hit the track, they got a little more comfortable and a little faster as the competitive juices began to flow again, helping get the two back into the same high-standard mode that drove them to 21 series victories from 2014 to 2016. NT COMPETITION SUSPENSION (CSI) SECOND HEAT: (8 laps) 1. Television stars in the cast also will be a draw, and perhaps their fans won't be disappointed by the movie's mild sitcom flavor.America Ferrera ("Ugly Betty") and Lance Gross ("House of Payne") play bland, virtuous lovebirds Lucia and Marcus, returning to Los Angeles to break the news of their engagement to their families.

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