Ludwig supraphonic snare drum dating

These lugs came in a few different colors and contained metal interior parts. The Bake-Lite lug was quite fragile and this experiment did not last long! After the war was over, drum production gradually resumed and the post-war drums were basically the same as the early 1940s products with no major hardware changes.Below are some images from the first post-war 1948 catalog: drums with a few Ludwig & Ludwig hardware pieces.Featuring a dark raw copper finish that makes every one unique." data-bread-crumbs="14" Diameter;500-1000;condition: Brand New; Drums; Gold Color; Just Arrived;ludwig;ludwig-drums;new; Orange Color;reverbsync-offers:off;reverbsync-shipping-profile: Shipping Tier 2; Snare Drums;" Ludwig 8x14 Copper Phonic Snare Drum w/Imperial Lugs With close to 100 years' experience building copper timpani, the newest member to the Ludwig USA snare drum range is the Copper...In 1951 a new revolutionary line of drums called the Knob Tension drums was launched.These Knob Tension drums employed a unique tensioning system in which the need for tension casings (lugs) was eliminated. drums with a different name on the old Keystone badge. The Ludwig Supraphonic Snare Drum features chrome metal shell construction that offers a bright, cutting, and crisp sound found on a multitude of classic pop and jazz hits of the last several decades.The Supraphonic snares are wonderfully responsive, a quality that's further enhanced by their triple-flanged hoops.

Built to the same professional standards as our Black Beauty, Supraphonic, and Bronze Phonic models, the new Copper Phonic is a proud addition to the Ludwig USA family and a legend in the making." data-bread-crumbs="14” Diameter;500-1000;6” and Over Depth;condition: Brand New;drums;fix-reverb-desc-DB;ludwig;ludwig-drums; Metal Shell;new;reverbsync-shipping-profile: Shipping Tier 3; Snare Drums;" With close to 100 years’ experience building copper timpani, the newest member to the Ludwig USA snare drum range is the Copper Phonic snare drum. View full product details → Ludwig 5x14 Classic Maple 7 ply snare in red oyster, with 10 lugs, P86 throw-off, and P33 butt plate.

So every recording studio should have at least a couple of great-sounding snare drums tuned up and ready to go.

Deciding what snares to have on hand however, can be a daunting task to those who are unfamiliar with what’s out there.

The use of tube lugs would remain unchanged until 1935-1936, when Ludwig (now owned by G. Conn) introduced their new Imperial or Streamline snare drum lug casing.

Considered by many to be the most elegant lug ever designed, the Imperial tension casing incorporated a beautiful and majestic art deco design.

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