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As always, our favorite messiah is insubordinate, which leads him to a beating and to be thrown into solitary.

Upstairs, Senator Becca Thorn (Rosalind Halstead) is right at Michael’s bedside, though she sleeps through a visit from a mysterious gloved person who puts something into Michael’s wound, healing it.

As February is LGBT history month, we have chosen this photograph from the Frederick Spalding Collection (D/F 269/1/3696), dating from c.1869.

Frederick Park (left) and Ernest Boulton (right) were presumably photographed by Spalding in his Chelmsford studio while they toured Essex as part of a small theatrical company.

The production was shot on location in Yorkshire and supported by the Screen Yorkshire Production Fund.

It’s after the “Extinction War” in which an army of lower angels waged a war against mankind.

Becca tries to sweet-talk her boo, but he’s self-deprecating and gives the “you deserve a normal life” card.

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Soon though handsome vet Paul Bladen is found dead and would you believe it Agatha was dating him.This week opened with Michael being rushed into a Vega hospital as a worried Alex is arrested for deserting.Prison in Vega is as delightful as you’d imagine, and Alex hurries to keep his tattoos covered.If it’s cancelled, hopefully he’ll share what might have been. By: Aliza Weinberger, Contributor The latest Dominion has even more old politicians arguing about religion, but it also has an awesome new angel.

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