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It becomes even more strange when we find out that they both are in stable, long-term relationships with people who care greatly for them.

For the first half of the film Choi's character seems internally vacant and emotionally unconscious, which prompts Lee to further pursue her with sexual endeavors.

Primitively speaking, there are far more bad romantic films with happy endings, than there are great films with sad or refreshingly innovative good endings.

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That's when they have more time on their hands to address being single.'She's right.

When he didn't like any of those, he asked to come over for hanky-panky and I responded "OK." I never heard from him again and assume he's under investigation from the FBI (See: Number 1.) Anyway, the point of this is that there are so many fun things to do in every city - find something great and keep it light. Number 5 here baffles my mind because people continue to do this all of the time and no one seems to learn their lesson.

Say you have other plans or just flat out say you don't want to hang tonight.

You may be the Nancy Drew of internet sleuthing but you can never assume you know someone based off of social media. Seeing as I am not a Rockefeller and do not have a rooftop pool nor do I know someone who does, I listed off other possible adventurers we could take together: Going to Coney Island, going to Atlantic City for the day, going to Central Park, going to The Cloisters, going to a movie, going for a ride on the ferry, seeing a show or going for a walk along the river. It's harder and harder to lie because we are all so connected and yet everyone continues to do so in such a cavalier fashion that it's mind-bobbling.

If you're old enough to read this, you're old enough to realize ninety percent of what you see on social media is bullshit anyway. Eight very viable date options (and if you live in NYC, feel free to steal any or all of these). If you tell someone "I am working late, I can't make it out tonight," don't turn around and post a picture on Instagram of you and your bros throwing some beers back at a bar two hours later.

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