Taiwan dating customs

First and foremost, Taiwanese culture is so vastly different from most if not all western cultures, that dating a Taiwanese person is unlike any other experience you may have ever had.If moving to Taiwan is opening up a new door in your life, dating a local is walking through that door.The local level of English is pretty good and there are clubs, organisations and events that allow you to meet more locals if you’re willing to try.Expect friends to cancel plans, often at the last minute, for family affairs – family always comes first, and this isn’t considered rude.This view of Taiwanese doesn’t seem to be held just by men in the West, but frequently by Asian expats as well. Where Taiwanese girls get their reputation As with anything, there are plenty of theories as to why Taiwanese girls have such a negative reputation.If you aren’t familiar with Taiwan, it’s a large island near the coast of Mainland China.Taiwanese people grew up exposed to the West more than any other country in East Asia (except for maybe Hong Kong.) Also many Taiwanese girls have been through university and have a hobby or two.In fact you'll find Taiwanese dating to be more fun than you thought!

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After living in the Orient for 7 years my friends and I all agree - dating in Taiwan is great!

There are a lot of benefits that are worth mentioning that you won't find in other parts of Asia.

When you're with a Taiwanese woman chances are that her family and herself will be open-minded towards interracial dating (this is something that you might not find in Korea - for example.) So why do we love Taiwan? One thing you can appreciate about Taiwanese women is that they speak English (for the most part.) Granted - if you go to Taiwan's capital 'Taipei' you'll notice it a lot more.

It’s easier to make friends in Taiwan than you might think.

East Asian and Western foreigners alike often report that they have an easier time building and maintaining local friendships than in other countries.

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