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System BIOS loads video BIOS from card's ROM into system RAM and transfers control to it early in boot sequence.

Early PCs contained functions for driving MDA and CGA cards in the system BIOS, and those cards did not have any Video BIOS built in.

The reason for this move was that like every other piece of software, the BIOS had programming errors, or an issue was detected in the hardware for which a workaround had to be found.

So the manufacturers just gave out an updated BIOS to a customer to fix the issue. For example, on the X800 Pro VIVO you can unlock additional pipelines by changing the BIOS. Inside the BIOS is a small block of information which tells the GPU how many pipelines it should run at. Another good use is to change the default clocks of the card.

On-board devices are integrated into the motherboard; most modern computers come with an on-board graphics chip to enable the PC to render video inexpensively.The video BIOS interfaces software to the video chipset in the same way that the system BIOS does for the system chipset.The ROM also contained a basic font set to upload to the video adapter font RAM, if the video card did not contain a font ROM with this font set instead.Other times you'll want to upgrade to a custom BIOS in order to overclock a normally voltage-locked card. GIGABYTE Windforce GTX 780)Things You'll Need- Your GPU model name/number- A web browser Part 1: Choosing your BIOS and Flashing tool This part is pretty simple.But first you'll want to go here.1) In order to find what BIOS you'll want to use, you first need to find your card's model.

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