Updating your passport in canada

Once the citizenship document has been validated, a photocopy will be made and the original will be returned to you.In the event that it is impossible to validate the citizenship document presented, the original citizenship document will be forwarded to the Passport Program with the application.Certain Canada Post locations offer the service of receiving agent for an extra fee of plus tax.Service Canada receiving agent locations are authorized to verify your proof of Canadian citizenship document on the spot.

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Your answers are checked as you go, so there’s less chance we will need to clarify anything. You can save and come back to your application within 7 days.The normal processing time for renewal passports is 20 working days, commencing the day after the assessment of a fully completed application with supporting documentation.However, the complexity of routine verifications and security checks may leads to longer processing times.If you do not meet the eligibility requirements for this method, then you must use the conventional method to renew your passport.The Passport Program is responsible for issuing Canadian passports.

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