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During a trial in March he was convicted of five offences and was found not guilty of the remaining 11.Read more: A shoplifter paid a heavy price after leaving Harvester in Herne Bay without paying Wynne rigged up covert cameras in two houses, one in Beltinge and one in Hoath.He compared carrying out the acts to a news reporter getting a scoop.He also told police he only recorded men because recording women would be “wrong.” The details of Yang’s psychiatric and sentencing report were also heard in court. Dhillon noted Yang, who no longer attends BCIT, had a difficult upbringing before moving to Canada from Taiwan and was estranged from his family.Discs were discovered at the house in Hoath showing images of Wynne's victims showering, bathing, using the toilet and having sex.Police were alerted in December 2014 and the defendant was arrested on suspicion of voyeurism.

According to an agreed statement of facts heard in court, on Oct.

A voyeur from King's Hill who rigged two houses with covert cameras so he could film people for his own sexual gratification has been jailed.

Stuart Wynne, of Ruby Walk, used his professional skills as an audio visual specialist to obtain footage of his victims using and the bath, shower and toilet as well as having sex.

And on Friday (April 28) the 50-year-old was jailed for 30 months by Judge Simon James at Canterbury Crown Court after being found guilty of voyeurism.

Wynne had been charged with 16 offences of voyeurism dating from 1998 to 2015.

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