Ways to ruin a dating relationship

Here are five things you might unknowingly be doing that can ruin your relationship: 1.

Jumping the gun This scenario might sound familiar to you. You go out a few times and realize that he basically has every quality you want in a man. but you can’t help but think how perfect it would be if it worked out and you ended up together.

These are some of the signs of trust issues: Do you have a password on your phone? If not, it can be a clear sign that you have some problems with trust.

While privacy is an essential, it is mandatory in any relationship.

But did you know that low self-esteem can actually harm your relationship?

Fortunately, the converse is true as well; self-confidence can enable your relationship to thrive.

A lot of times, prematurely entering relationships leads us to bring unresolved problems from previous relationships.

It thinks that if you keep your heart closed, nobody will be able to abandon or reject you.

When you're in a long-term relationship, it's easy for your self-esteem to suffer.

After all, it's probably been some time since you've gotten all gussied up for the sake of attracting the opposite sex.

But, this doesn't mean you should completely shut out your significant other.

Your phone does not have to be protected like Camp David in order to protect your privacy.

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