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There were others, so many others with the Browns, he shook off with smelling salts tucked into the front of his pants on game day. His life, troubled by financial woes and a failed marriage, was almost unlivable.But the ringing and buzzing in his head never subsided. He was desperate, masking his misery with medication and trying to pretend things weren't as bad as they seemed.The 49-year-old had searched unsuccessfully for lasting relief until recently finding it courtesy of a Florida-based doctor who he says is helping reverse the effects of his brain trauma.

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But Testaverde was out with a shoulder separation when Belichick made the poorly timed, incredibly unpopular decision. "I was interviewed about it, and I told the writers that I thought Bill would make a good coach. I have never been one to carry grudges for long." For real? I didn't want to carry that around when it came to Bill. He could learn offense, and he'd learn from what happened in Cleveland." But there's more. I thought Bill would be perfect for a team on a tight timeline because of his incredible organizational skills. Kosar doesn't dwell on the past, but he thinks about it. I may be watching film of certain blitzes or defenses, then I go to sleep -- and suddenly I'm in a game, facing that defense.

"I see all the symptoms going away." He hopes to raise awareness of the therapy, which the doctor says improves blood flow in the brain through intravenous treatments and dietary supplements.

Kosar knows there are many former players grappling with similar brain-trauma issues.

In the offseason of that year, he was traded to the Denver Broncos.

Orton started his Broncos career by winning his first six games in the 2009 season, but injuries hobbled him in the second half of the season.

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