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With the CPL model you earn money for every signup of a new member and with the CPO model you get a commission if a referred member makes a sale (= paid membership).Target group: There are dating portals for almost each target group.This might not be “big” money especially for this niche, but for many newbies a k case study would be a good for them to learn from and help them start their next winning campaigns.So, I’m going to reveal all steps I have taken in creating profitable campaigns in this space.In the monetization of dating traffic, publisher can choose from a wide range of dating-websites: from reputable premium networks up to casual affair portals you will find a big variety of affiliate programs in this area.

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, easy way to show Your Banner Ad on other dating sites that participate in the Adult Dating Traffic network.Backlinks (outreach) can be a great source to obtain adult traffic to your website, while practicing good and white hat advertising ethics. Backlinks are vital for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) as they give your website credibility and link your website to other like minded dating or adult sites.Backlinks can be a great and legitimate way to get adult traffic because you are using other websites as a source to attract your website.The payout for these three offers were around to .All of them are SOI (Single Opt In) which only require people to submit their information with no need to confirm their account via an email address.

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