House dating makelaar

They can help you determine how much you can and want to borrow.

Then the NVM purchasing agent can help you find your ideal house.

MTH Makelaars can help you sell your home in a responsible and no-hassle way.

We personally assist you throughout the entire sale process.

Buying a house with 020-Makelaars Engage us to take care of all your concerns. 020-Makelaars will gladly assist you as a purchasing agent.

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We are not influenced by anything or anybody (no house-owners who will push us to sell their particular Total Package is an ideal package for expats and/or local people who want to do – small or big – alterations on their newly bought home but have no experience with house refurbishements and/or with reliable workmen.On top of the services of the Extended Package, we will provide guidance (up to a maximum of 4 hours) in the process Lindy Nikken Real Estate offers customized services and will be more than happy to provide you with information about possible options.We also provide you with promotional material in the form of brochures and a sign for the window. We assist with the inspection of the home and take the meter readings for you.We also review the deed of transfer of title and accompany you to the notary at which the transfer is to take place.

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